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Modern BBQ Grills

Gone are the days of simple BBQ grills made of bricks or steel. Today, they're either charcoal or gas-fueled, and electric BBQ grills used indoors have also evolved.

BBQ grills are used extensively in the U.S. and their use comes to a head during town, county, or state cook-offs. These events involve big cash prizes, so anyone who's serious about southern and midwestern styles of cooking on BBQ grills get a chance to compete.

There are portable BBQ grills, such as the Woodflame Detecto, which impart the flavor of wood cooking but are not difficult to handle. These BBQ grills weigh only about 17 pounds but can sear steaks at an amazing heat of up to a thousand degrees Fahrenheit. They are electric-fan powered and only take two minutes from lighting it to starting with the cooking process.

The fan is powered by plugging it into a standard outlet or with 4 size-D batteries. You can also use a car adapter and utilize your car's battery power. Because of their variable-speed fans, these BBQ grills can produce heat in a very short time. They work like strong bellows, stoking the fire to reach maximum combustion levels.

These types of BBQ grills can't cook an entire chicken but can manage cut chicken pieces, fish, and steaks. You'll have delicious-tasting meat with a unique smoke flavor you can only otherwise get from wood-fueled ovens.

They are also made of cast aluminum lids and bodies with drip trays. They also have grates of sturdy and rustproof stainless steel. Unlike other BBQ grills that are complicated to use, these units not only generate heat in no time but are also easy to clean.

Their dishwasher-safe grates spare you from the difficult task of scrubbing soot away with your bare hands. Woodflame Detecto BBQ grills cost about $250 and are fueled by hardwood cubes. You must use a solid-type fire starter, though, because lighter fluids cannot be used with these kinds of BBQ grills.

Portable Kitchen BBQ grills

These sleek-looking grills are made of aluminum and are known for their ability to cook through food evenly. The material they're made from reflects heat from all surfaces and guarantees even cooking even without turning or changing the position of the food on the grill.

BBQ grills like these have adjustable dampers and vents on their lids, making it possible to control the temperature while grilling. Once the lid is positioned in place, Portable Kitchen BBQ grills do their work, evenly suffusing whatever it is that you're cooking with a wonderful hickory-smoked goodness.

The ovens of these BBQ grills detach from their carriages, providing for easy cleaning. You can use the bottom and side trays of these BBQ grills for holding sauces, utensils, or small plates.

You can find BBQ grills, new or unused, on eBay and other online stores. After an electronic payment, they'll be delivered to you in several days, complete with instructions. Make sure to order early if you're planning a barbecue party sometime soon.

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