Grill BBQ

BBQ Grill

BBQ grill, or grilling, is very popular these days. In England, bbq grill is a fast cooking process which is done directly over high heat. In the United States, bbq grill comes in two styles: a fast process done over high heat or a slow way of cooking through indirect heat or hot smoke. BBQ grill started a long, long time ago. Historically, the farms in the Western World have been doing bbq grill in a small building. They called this a smokehouse, and it is also where meats could be smoked and stored.

Regardless of the way people call it, Barbeque grill, BBQ grill, Bar-b-cue grill and Bar-b-que grill all refer to the same concept. The place for bbq grill is also not restricted, as you can practically do it anywhere in the open, such as in the backyard and balconies. In the city with limited space and plenty of building structures, you can even see bbq grill being done in the city fire escape.

BBQ grill has long been associated with the cooking of meat, although a wide variety of other dishes can come along with it. A tasty and delicious food from the barbeque grill is what most of us are looking for, no matter how it is cooked on the grill. You can do it with charcoal bbq grill , wood burning barbeque grill or even a gas bbq grill. One distinguishable characteristic with bbq grill is the way you impart a smoky flavor with the food, something that you cannot reproduced by any other cooking method like frying and boiling. The meat is sometimes cooked as is, and there are also times wherein the meat is marinated by spice and sauce before heating it on a hot gas, fire or coals. Usually BBQ grill is cooked outdoor in the garden or terrace by using smoke wood, charcoal and gases, along where food is being flicked and cooked with associated cheerfulness and drinks. Restaurants also do BBQ grill by using large brick or metal ovens which is designed for the purpose of indirectly or more direct high-heat method of cooking meat and vegetable.

When considering a bbq grill, it is very important that the fire on the griller can be easily control to have the proper temperature in getting the food barbecued as desire and not burned. Be careful on the cooking surface of the grill that is usually made of parallel metal bars or porcelain-covered metal grid which is over a fuel source generating intense heat, you may get burn if you accidentally touch. Place two fire resistant bricks on either side of the grill to hold the meat and use appropriate grill gloves for safety. It's also a must to use an appropriate gaudy apron and a pair of heavy-duty tongs that comes in heat-proof and wooden grip for bbq grill, both of which will keep you away from the grill's heat. An open bbq grill has smoke and steam which can cause injuries, so always remember to turn the bbq grill off after use.